Power Supply Repair

Switch Mode Power Supply

Here is a small list of the types of Power Supples we repair.

Switch Mode Power Supply
High Voltage Power Supply
High Current Power Supply
Linear Power Supply
DC Power Supply
DC Battery Chargers

If you need your Power Supply tested or repaired then give us a call at

At Industrial Electronic Repair we offer Fair Estimates of your Power Supply. We send you a Quotation and if approved your power supply is repaired and tested under load. If the Quotation is not approved we return the unit at no cost to you. All Power Supply repairs are warranted for 1 year.

power supply westronics

Click the Supported Power Supply Manufacturers link below for all the power supply manufacturers we service and repair.
Supported Power Supply Manufacturers

Fax your order to 1-336-969-0101 or email us at Email.

Power Supply Manufactures that we Repair
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